About Gwenllian

About me...
I’m Matthew, I’m a computer geek who is trying to avoid the cooperate life by starting my own start-up business. What the connect between fashion with a computer geek? Well nothing. Why not sell fashion products? It’s an interesting way for my career to progress. Well nothing, why not sell fashion products? It’s an interesting way for my career to progress.

The first time I’ve worked in the fashion industry. About 10 years ago I was employed by a large multinational fashion label and a couple of months after I joined the company announced it was closing the entire finance office I was working in and moving those tasks to France. So me and all my colleagues were out of a job.

So out of my 22 years as a professional computer geek, 3 months of that was in the fashion industry. It was very different from working in a bank, with people playing football in the office around the computers, they were nice people.

I’ve been living around Europe, I left the UK in 2004 because I thought the UK was going downhill a bit. That was well before Brexit (where I voted “remain” and that didn’t go very well).

As a Welshman who grow up mostly in England I want Welsh independence from England more than most Welsh people who grow up in Wales. Throughout the history of the British empire, England has so stolen all the wealth of each country. Whenever any country has got independence from England not one country has wanted to return, they have been so happy with their independence that they have never even debated rejoining the British empire. The UK is a Union of unfairness where wealth is take, and people are left in poverty. (I can get a bit political at times.)
What’s in a name...
I’m from Wales but most of my childhood was in England, so it’s no accident that I’ve named my business after a Welsh historical figure.

Hundreds of years ago there was a Welsh royal family and a English Royal family, and the English murdered the members of the Welsh royal family.

There was a prince called Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, who was the last native Prince of Wales. He only had one child Gwenllian. On 11th December 1282 Gwenllian’s father was killed by the English. So Gwenllian’s uncle looked after her until he was captured and murdered by the English.

So at the age of 2 Gwenllian was arrested by the English and she was held prisoner for the rest of her life, eventually dying at the age of 54 on the 7th June 1337.
My Suppliers
When I searched for a supplier I wanted someone reliable, and I only considered suppliers from inside the EU, reliability is critical.

My supplier is based in Italy and they have plenty of connections with the Italian fashion industry.

I’m just starting out so at the moment there is only one supplier.